Whether young or old, we’ve all heard of the Beatles. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr: one by one well-known names in the world of music.

In the Cultural Corner’ of Alkmaar – near the station – the ‘Beatles Museum Alkmaar’ has conquered its undeniable spot. Here you’ll come across the largest private collection about this popular 60’s band, The Beatles.

In this enormous building (2525m2) you’ll find a gigantic exhibition of unique items from the Fab Four from Liverpool. No other Beatles museum can compete with the items exhibited here. After forty-one years of collecting and starting over again a few times, a dream has finally come true. And you can see this for yourself now in this unique museum.

You can also enjoy special sound- and film recordings in an especially equipped room. You can even have your picture taken on Abbey Road or in front of an enormous Sgt. Pepper album cover. A guided tour can be arranged and there are several theme exhibitions.

In the shop, you can infinitely browse through Beatles and Beatles related albums, books, and other things. Besides this, there’s also space for other groups and artists.


A group of five experts takes you back in time and answers all your questions.

The museum is devided into five parts:

  • The Beatles Museum
  • Beatles souvenir shop; t-shirts, DVD’s, cd’s, gadgets, films etc.
  • Paperback-writer shop; with over a hundred books about theBeatles
  • Collector’s Paradise. This consists of two separate parts; onecontaining second-hand cartoons, the other filled-up with second-hand albums, CDs, and movies.
  • ‘Movie theatre’

If you consider yourself a Beatles fan, you should visit and experience this museum. The low entrance fee of €15,00 cannot prevent you from visiting us.

We are looking forward to your visit!